eCheckTrac Reports

As a company owner or manager, reporting is one of the most important aspects of your software. eCheckTrac features a rich, comprehensive reporting package. With close to 70 unique reports already, and more being added regularly, eCheckTrac helps you put your data to use. Run reports by store, district, region, or the entire company, for any date range.

Below are just a few of the reports found in eCheckTrac.

  • Maturity Reports - View contract maturity information by date or days late
  • Held Checks - View an inventory of held checks for a store or stores
  • Cancellations - View cancelled or voided transactions
  • Active Payment Returns - View Active NSF Items by name or age
  • Charge Offs - View Charged off accounts for a date range
  • A/R reports - Available in either a detail or summary
  • Disbursements - View all disbursements by money type
  • Receipts - View all receipts by money type
  • Revenue - View revenue for a specified date range
  • Cash Management Activity - View cash drawer activity for tellers for a date range
  • Discrepancies - View cash drawer discrepancies for a date range
  • End Of Day Report - View end of day activity and balances for a date range
  • Check Cashing - View Checks Cashed for a specified date range

eCheckTrac also offers several data exports including:

  • Company Client List
  • General Ledger Summary
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Charge Off Detail

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