Installment Loan Software

Installment Loans

eCheckTrac's Installment Loan features allow you to provide your customers with near limitless payment options. The comprehensive administration allows you to customize an unlimited number of Consumer Loan Programs.

  • Support for both Interest Bearing and Precomputed Loans
  • Standard Amortization, Interest Only, or Rule of 78's
  • Unlimited number of fully customizable Installment Loan programs
  • Full use of eCheckTrac's comprehensive Rules Engine
  • Alternate payment allocation techniques
  • Alternate first payment dates
  • Plug-in origination fee rules
  • Automatic odd-days interest management
  • Detailed payment schedule
  • Custom documents (contracts, receipts, etc)
  • Automatic prepayment management
  • Support for CSO Model
  • General Ledger (Principal, NSF Principal, Interest, NSF Interest, etc)

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