Internet Storefront 2.1 is the latest update to eCheckTrac's website integration API. With ISF 2.1, you can easily integrate your website with eCheckTrac software. New client accounts go directly into eCheckTrac. Allow existing customers to sign in to your website and manage their accounts, request new loans, Initiate payments and more.

This website serves as an example of how the eCheckTrac Internet Storefront API can be used to integrate your website with eCheckTrac software.

Create Account

Let new customers complete a registration form, and send their profile information directly to eCheckTrac.

  • Avoid time consuming data entry
  • Control how much or little information is required
  • Match the look and feel of your website
  • User creates a username and password they can use to login and manage their account
  • Once registered, borrowers may quickly request new loans, access transaction history, manage open transactions, etc.

Payday Advance

Once registered, a new or existing client may request a new Payday Advance.

  • Applications or Loan Requests are sent directly to eCheckTrac
  • Approve and fund or deny the request, or make a counter-offer
  • Absolute control over what is presented to the borrower on your website
  • Borrowers can make a payment, schedule a future payment, or refinance through their account on your website

Installment Loan

If you offer Installment Loans, borrowers may request/apply for installment loans as easily as a Payday Advance. eCheckTrac does the heavy lifting.

  • Have eCheckTrac generate proposed payment schedules and present them to your customer
  • Let your borrowers choose a loan amount, payment period and number of payments that works best for them
  • Present borrowers with loan agreements they can electronically sign on your website
  • Take online payments, or let your borrower refinance their loan online


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